I'm Nathan. I'm 21, and I like good music. I listen to a lot of things, and occasionally I'll make mash ups or mixtapes of stuff that I like.

You might find me blogging:
Alternative or Indie Rock
Chill Out or Downtempo Music
Classic Rock or Metal
Electro House (also Progressive and Tech House)
Disco and Indie Dance
Drum n Bass
Hip Hop

etc etc ETC BASICALLY anything which sounds good to me. I try not to write off entire genres if I can avoid it - music should be about keeping your ears open to new sounds and just liking what sounds good, regardless of what it's classified as.

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Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope

This whole EP is full of gold — some fantastic house and disco vibes.

Out 22nd April on OWSLA.

Truls - Out of Yourself (Roosevelt Remix)

I have no idea when this is getting released, so I’ll just keep the soundcloud link on repeat for now.

Such good vibes — just one of those tracks I find it impossible to listen to and not feel really happy.

Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite

Finally getting a proper chance to listen through Terje’s recent album, and I have to say I’m pretty blown away. While a few of the tracks have been recycled from Olsen’s previous EPs, what I really love is all of the interconnecting pieces that weave the album together as a whole. 

All too often dance music producers will turn to an album and create nothing but a cobbled-together assortment of tracks for the dancefloor, occasionally with an experimental offshoot or two. It’s really great when composers take it that step further and use the opportunity to create something more.

75% of this album is material I’d never be able to use while DJ’ing, but it’s just so quirky and a great joy to listen to that I don’t mind one bit. I can’t recommend it enough.

Vanilla Ace - Don’t Go

I’ve got at least 5 secret weapons that I’ll play out from time to time under this man’s name. “Don’t Go” is a strong addition to that list — a slow groover utilising some fantastic samples with a bassline perfect for warm-up sets. A really soothing tune — on repeat.

Out now on Beatport.

Deep Sound Express - Changes

I’ve had this track on repeat for a good part of the last 3 weeks. It’s a slow groover with a fantastic rolling bassline and some sweet guitar stabs, plus a neat breakdown. Perfect for warm-up sets.

Changes is available on the vinyl-only Native Circles EP, out now from Pole Jam Vinyl. Click through for a list of stores you can get it.

Spada - Red Velvet Dress

Skip to 1.01 if you must, it’s where this track gets great. Deep house with a really nice guitar sample that makes it real easy to just close your eyes and drift away. Out now on Beatport.

Amine Edge & DANCE - Bitches in the Project (Monte & Adana Twins’ Blade Runner Tool)

I realise I’ve slipped a little behind in posting new tunes up to this blog. I’ve been listening to a lot recently though so I promise there’s a bunch of good stuff queued.

This is just one of the deep house tracks I’ve got on repeat lately. Real thumpy bassline and a sweet breakdown, too. Out now on Beatport.

A’me Lorain - Whole Wide World (House Remix)

1989 house ahhhh so damn bouncy and fun. I’ve had this on repeat for the last half hour and just bought the promo 7” off ebay, really want to play it out as soon as possible.