I'm Nathan. I'm 22, and I like music. I listen to a lot of things, and occasionally I'll make mash ups or mixtapes of stuff that I like.

You might find me blogging:
Alternative or Indie Rock
Chill Out or Downtempo Music
Classic Rock or Metal
Electro House
Deep House
Disco and Indie Dance
Drum n Bass
Hip Hop

etc etc ETC BASICALLY anything which sounds good to me. I try not to write off entire genres if I can avoid it - music should be about keeping your ears open to new sounds and just liking what sounds good, regardless of what it's classified as.

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The Flexican & Sef - Mother’s Day

Cheesy? Yes. Catchy with super funky bassline and feel-good vibes? Also yes.

I’ve had this on repeat for the last half hour and I can’t quit it — available now on iTunes.

Earth, Wind & Fire - Fantasy (Ben Gomori’s 3-Way Edit)

Amazing disco groover, just a super good edit all around. I’ve got a gig coming up this weekend and I can tell you I’ll be playing this one without a doubt.

Get it for free here.

Joel Compass - Girlfriends (Linier Bootleg)

Just perfect — have had this on repeat for the last half hour at least. The second drop with all that piano, amazing. Hoping a download link appears soon!

Mickey - Holding Hands

I’ve had this on repeat for the last couple of weeks — the bassline is just sublime. Out now on Beatport; alternatively on vinyl if you want a couple extra tracks in the same EP. Go grab it, either way.

Bondax - All I See (Darius Remix)

Darius pumping out quality tune after tune these days - don’t think I go through a warm-up set without dropping at least one. This one is really special; I especially love the little piano roll that comes up at the start of each phrase.

Out September 7th but I need it nooooow :c

Jafunk - Dazed

Hot new tune by a buddy of mine. Two great samples of disco and rnb tunes blended into one great bit of funk — superb for warm up sets and chill sessions by the pool. Makes me proud. :’)

Free download from his Facebook page.

Dusky - Careless

This song came out late last year, but it’s still a banger. It’s been a really big inspiration for my own work over the last couple of weeks and I’ve had it on repeat, so I figured I’d share anyway. 

Corduroy Mavericks - True Love (Soledrifters Remix)

I didn’t get to play this out last night, but I’m hoping to get another chance soon. Nu disco bomb with an amazing filtered bassline and a great vocal, too. 

Golf Clap - Future (Bit Funk Remix)

Had another gig tonight, here’s one of my favourite songs from my set. The bassline is so fucking fat and funky, I love it so much. 

Tonight’s gig at local university tavern. Really weird alternative sort of crowd to play for, but it worked out in the end.

Track is Fenech Soler - Last Forever (Boean Remix)
(sorry for shaky camera i like this song too much)